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rasberries on my neck and strawberries in my hair
A few months ago I realised I am almost 20 and hadn’t seen my body with hair on it since I was a pre-teen. So I stopped shaving for a while, realising that I could actually grow body hair was really exciting! And I no longer think it is dirty or unattractive, my legs feel strange without it but it will grow back. I learned to love my hairy toes, because I am part hobbit and they get so long that they actually tickle me, and my armpits because armpit hair feels really fucking good and I don’t want to get rid of it just yet. I had a good time and I feel more comfortable in myself because of it. I’m posting because I think as a woman it is a really nice thing to do for yourself for a little while, see what your body can do because it is super interesting and grounding and all round lovely.

bleugh I am bored, I want boyfriend chill times but I’m unable to contact him. forced to do activities on my own ;c which makes me less likely to do them

Freddie thinks he is super fast after I bathe him ^-^


スタジオジブリ Studio Ghibli

I purchased a razor, tomorrow is the day (or maybe the day after)
It was kind of difficult to photograph but today I noticed that I have three freckles  that line up perfectly ^-^ (when I am standing)
i get to kiss this face on a regular basis #balln

Plant Care MasterPost 
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