Vladimir Nabokov and butterfly, Carl Mydans, 1958


I can still be an adult and drink out of a sippy cup, get the fuck outta my face

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Good things to come out of a bad situation; I have walked to tech and back every day this week instead of bussing (so an hour or more walking every day) because it takes more time than bussing-less time I have to spend anywhere, I have cut my caffeine intake in half because I feel too sick to drink coffee in the mornings, I’ve been getting to all my classes on time because again- less times I have to spend at home.

How to be a Better Friend


1. Prioritize being kind.
2. Be there when it matters.
3. Learn the value of silence.
4. Never betray a confidence.
5. Never take advantage of them.
6. Help to cheer them up when they’re having a bad day.
7. Show an interest in their life, and what matters to them.
8. Overlook those small offenses.
9. Be someone who forgives.
10. Make sure they feel valued, and important to you.

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My dad thought ‘Cola’ was funny. My mom didn’t think it was that funny
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there is nothing worse than feeling you’re sliding towards depression and all to the tune of wanky fucking indie rock

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